Presentations given at training visits to LUT, University of Oviedo and Matej Bel University

Tempus SM_SCM-C024B06-2006 (RS)


Matti Heilio (LUT): Towards a European Net Campus for Industrial Mathematics

Matti Heilio (LUT): ECMI - Mathematics and Applications - Challenge for Education

Joanna Muukkonen (LUT):Virtual teaching in the strategy on LUT and future visions in eLearning

Jorge Jiménez (University of Oviedo): E-learning: Teaching learning and evaluating the knowledge

Jos e Angel Huidobro (Universidad de Oviedo): General aspects on Moodle

Marisa Serrano (Universidad de Oviedo): Activities with Moodle

Arturo Robles (Universidad de Oviedo): Moodle: How to build a quiz